Saturday 2 April 2011

Passport Renewal and Pet Transport

Apologies for this unforgivable delay in updating my blog but....this household has been kept busy by the  issue revolving around  My Other Silly Owner's visa renewal.

These days of lawyers, uncertainety and sleepless nights really got me wonder about the implications of national identity and passport ownership.Of course living in a truly international house poses some extra complications.

Pet Passport vs Human Passport

- My Silly Owner holds an Italian Passport, she needs to renew it every 5 years, redo it every 10. This takes several months, a lot of paperwork, some money and a fair amount of stress.

- My Other Silly Owner holds an Australian passport with the "add on" of a UK VISA. Both of these accessories need to be renewed on fairly regular basis but....with double the amount of time, paperwork, money and at least threee times as much the amount of stress.

- I hold a pet passport, it looks very much like My Silly Owners passport (with picture and all that) but it took me less than a month to get it, some minimal paperwork and zero stress. The best part is that providing I regularly go to a certified vet and let him give me my vaccination IT WILL NOT EXPIRE.

 Cat Passport

A pet passport can last a lifetime, does not require a UK VISA and you obtain it through authorised Vets, which means that the interaction with government employees and institutions is reduced to a minimum (a bit of a big perk really).

Contrary to common belief a passport in general and an Australian passport in particular, does not allow, in itself, right to travel, nor one to reside in the Country you have been living, working getting married and legally and dutyfully paying taxes for a very long time.  Which is why I do not understand why My Other Silly Owner wasted all that time trying to get his "limited" passport renewed as opposed to get a passport like the one I have.

Most of the times I really do not know why he bothers!!!!

A pet passport is something of a prime necessity for the modern urban pet. Pet Transport is a real issue for all London Pets and one that has a constant and dramatic impact on many of our fellow pets lives. As soon as holiday season starts, suitcases come out of storage, pets enter panic mode.

Cat in Panic Mode caused by Owner's imminent holiday

My dear fellow pets, this goes out to you: get a PET PASSPORT now! You never know when you will need it. I got one life did not change a bit ....but this is beside the point. A full realm of possibilities is in front of me, the world is my oyster .......even if I really hate myself in this picture.

Cat Passport

I am not just a pretty face and I care about my fellow pets, I would like to dispense some advice based on my personal experience as well as some carefully selected "hearsay".

PET TRANSPORT  is a serious issue and  it can get legally complicated. It pays to do your homework:


If your ownner is not inclined to take you along for the trip or if you just do not like travelling, I would recommend this rocking pet sitting agency. They are called GUARDIAN ANGELS and they offer the full monthy of pet sitting (in house pet sitters, pet feeder, dog walking etc.). The service favoured but this household is the daily cat feeding : a dedicated angel comes and feed me once a day. My angel is also trying to sepnd some time to engage with me when I am not under thebed hiding from her.


If you are among the unlucky ones than during holidays are removed from both their owners and their place....good luck to you. Here's a list of catteries in London. I have never tried any of them therefore I cannot really comment.

If you have names and comments on this issue (name of a good cattery or cat feeding agency etc.) please let me know and I will add it on to my list.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Crista and Richard,Dave, Fiona, Pamela, Chris and Ricarda who have all provided me pet sitting services whilst my owners were on holidays.


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